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What software do you use to test my speed?

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Hi Damon,


I was wondering - what do you use as this speed test you host on your site?


I have a FIOS connection at a small business and despite paying for the 25/25 service it's more like 24/12!!!!  Is this something I could load locally to run tests with my laptop, commercial tool or something you wrote to send data and time the packet returns?  Just curious.  Haven't been to Pheonix in years....still hot! lol


John - NJ


Hey John,


Yeah, it's a program I wrote, I've been developing it since I was 15... I turn 32 in November.  The source is closed but I do allow you to host a test using your server resources.  Basic LAMP server gets the job done.  https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test for more info.  Totally free, works with all my tools, extremely stable, requires very little resources and is the same core I use for my own mirrors.  This is however intended for people hosted on 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps and higher uplinks.  But I have allowed home users and local testing for cool people.  The architecture and concept has been proven and tested under all circumstances, by myself and many smarter than me.  Local and out to the net, time after time it performs equally well and matches what's really happening across the network interface.  The whole reason I released self hosting was to have it scrutinized, almost immediately people did just that. Here's one example of someone who put my methods under the microscope... https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/30731-multithread/#entry339762


I hope you like what I've built and share it.  My traffic builds by word-of-mouth only.


Kinds regards,

- Damon - TestMy.net


Very cool Damon.  Thanks for the reply too.  I'd say that as you've been developing this for over 15 years - it's quite well done!






Extra note from Damon: TMN runs proprietary software, developed by myself solely for this purpose.  Sorry but the source is closed.

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