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Is the random speed test data stored on my computer?

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I just have a quick question: What happens to all of the "random data" that's getting downloaded. Is it getting stored locally on my computer? If so, will it delete after 24 hours or such? If not, how do I delete it?

Thank you for the great site, not using anything else for my speed tests.


Hi Andrew,

I like your spam address.  :-P -- you could have given me your real address, I don't spam and have a strict privacy policy.  I noticed the email address and laughed a little.  :-P
Let me get to your question.
The information is randomly generated on the fly for each and every test... so nothing is really being downloaded or uploaded when you run a TMN speed test, sounds like you know that much.  So, what happens to the random information.  Nothing... as long as your browser listens to what I tell it to do.  It's ordered to not cache the data.  After it's loaded and you're thrown to the results page the information is removed from memory.  I don't want to fill up your hard drive (or my own... I test more than anyone) with a bunch of waste... so I try my hardest to make sure that nothing is cached.  
Please keep visiting and help me spread the word!
Happy Testing!
- Damon - TestMy.net

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