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WIFI Is slow and sometime not there... Frustrated


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WIFI Is slow and sometime not there.


Need help

Hi Teresa,

Don't be frustrated, I'll try to help you. :wink:

How far away from your router are you? If you connect directly to the router does your connection run fine?

Have you tried changing the channel in the router administration? Admin for your router is usually found at (username:password vary by brand .. usually something like admin:admin admin:1234 - generic stuff like that. If you can't get in, let me know your router brand/model and I can help with the password) -- then navigate to the wireless settings and look for channels. When you suspect interference try switching to a channel a few numbers away from the one that's currently selected. So if you're on channel 7... maybe try 11 or 4. Sometimes other electronics can interfere with the signal and a simple change of the channel can clear things up. Give it a try.

After changing the channel retest your speed using TMN - save time... only a download speed test is necessary for this. Select a test size that gives you a good 10 seconds of test time. Between changes retest using the same size and leave your computer in the same location. The idea is to try not to change any other variables except the channel. That will help you quickly find what works best for your situation. The best channel for you isn't the same as what's best for me. It depends on local signal interference.

Let me know if that helps, happy testing...

- Damon - TestMy.net

Also, where is your router placed? Is it near any other electronics?

Imagine that your electronics have a bubble of energy around them. Anything transmitting or receiving wireless needs to be away from that bubble. They don't even need to be transmitting themselves. Many common devices emit radio waves. For example, your microwave... or anything with an electric motor. Move your router away from everything electronic.

Also avoid router placement in the corner of your home, most routers use omnidirectional antenna, which means that the power is distributed in 360 degrees. If you have it sitting in the corner of the house you're only using 90 degrees... you're wasting 270 degrees of its power, shooting 3 times more power in the directions you don't need it. See what I'm saying. :wink: --- try to place central in the home.

One thing to think about, does your house have a chimney? If it does, you need to take that into account as well. It needs to be away from that or you'll cause a dead / lame area no just behind the chimney but radiating at angles away from the opposite side of where the router is placed... the degree of those angles depends on how close the router is to the brick. If it's right up on the brick, you're going to have more pronounced problems over a wider area. If it's a couple of feet away... it won't be as noticeable... a few more feet back and "what issue?"

Here's a really good guide that may help in router placement wireless fung shui.

- Damon

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