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And this is one reason I am moving away from media temple


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I'm not one to bash a company, although it's gotten to the point where something needs said publicly. 


Since godaddy has acquired mediatemple, the 'glitches' seem to be compiling. Just as suspected would happen. Now maybe this is simply a part of the expansion and has no relevance in any sense. As I have always had great support and their service is just what you pay for. Nothing more nothing less. Outside of having a server for three+ years with them , going through several 'deals' such as changing from monthly to annual payments getting a significant discount , then doubling the RAM on those machine , out of the blue , free. 


However the drawback to this was the system was not updated to their latest hardware when everything else was. I know this due to having several machines with them. No comparison between the old and latest. In any sense. So much that comparing them would be like saying sure , everything is OK, because if I only want to run one (dynamic database driven) site on a server, thats all I'll ever get out of it. 


None the less for the last several days I have has issues with their DNS system , since they are resellers for twocows , using opensrs for DNS , leaving me unable to make any DNS changes (NS) to the better part of my DN portfolio. 


Today I head back to deal with this, and am greeted with the following screen while attempting a DNS edit. 



Support has not gotten back yet however I don't expect much delay. 


I consider this a very serious error and should never happen. It will be interesting as to what follows. As I am stuck at this point moving forward with what I have going on. 

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Interesting responses from them. 


First they told me i cannot administer any domain that was not registered through them ( duh me ? Look at the whois ?) then they sent me links to figure out how to administer a domain. (why would they read the ticket and look at the screenshot from their own UI ? )


Then miraculously they sent me a message saying everything looked fine to them. Which at that point it was. Although not for any one of the other 20 +/- domains still left with them. 


Geezus. I have this feeling (by experience) that go daddy is already creeping in on the support tickets. 

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