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Hello,I have info and questions


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Hello, the name is Rich and I'm located near Guadalajara, Mexico.


I'm on a 4092/384 kb/s ADSL line connected via a 2Wire 2701HG-T ADSL modem/router/WAP in bridge mode feeding ->


Linksys WRT54GL running Toastman's Tomato for VPN or QOS or BW limiting/splitting

(only 1 works at a time with scripts to change when what is active)

802.11g WAP active for the house's PCs, tablets, media player and cell phones.

ETH2 -> Magicjack+ (VOIP)


ETH4 -> 100 ft CAT5 cable to a Grandstream HT-486 (VOIP) in bridge mode feeding ->

WRT54G v1.1  running Tomato 1.28 (non ND) with QOS to serve everything in the casita.


BW splitting runs 0600-1100, then auto switches to QOS.

at 1800 VPN client 2 turns on.

QOS is then ineffective since everything goes through the VPN.

 At 2300 VPN, QOS & BW splitting are off.


House uTorrent client is scheduled 100k from 0600-1800, off 1800-2300, 450k till 0600.

Casita uTorrent clients are 450k 2300-1100, 100k till 1800, off till 2300.


QOS works and it allows me and the tenants to co-exist on a slow connection with P2P, streaming, VOIP, etc all running at the same time.


Will probably get an ASUS RT-12 for the VPN/IPv6 functions if Toastman can't

implement VPN & QOS to work together. 3 cascaded routers! Latency anyone?


I would like a way to get the results of speed tests sent each hour so I could extract the speeds and feed them to the QOS engine in the routers since that is needed for correct QOS functioning.


I was a large scale computing engineer with Amdahl working with CPU's, storage, WAN's with X.25 packet switches, T1 muxes, ADPCM voice systems, etc for companies such as AT&T, Illinois Bell, State Farm, Helene Curtis, etc for 13 years then retired down here.


Happy to have found this forum.

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