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Last day for XP 4.8.14 - update of forever hold your tongue


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Spreading Fear and Uncertainty.

The system will remain perfectly functional and the best choice for computers that have either below 1-3 GB of RAM (depending how much free RAM one considers normal), small mass storage devices (for example, a portable computer with flash memory), for tasks where the most recent application versions aren't needed, such as a file server, on hardware that is capable of running XP, which is Ivy Bridge and older.

One can expect to receive practical support for XP in the form of knowledge or even updated drivers from the awesome MSFN community. The guys have a good record on keeping Windows 98 useful when Microsoft intentionally didn't provide USB 2.0 drivers, mass storage drivers and LBA48 drivers. Now we are at this stage again. The company is using scare tactics about malware, lack of USB 3.0 drivers, memory limitations, drivers for > 2 TB hard drive controllers, to force users to upgrade.

I admit that they have no obligation to develop components for this system and give them away for free. But they are clearly not giving anybody a choice here to migrate onto another system on their own, when they make it difficult for developers to compile software that can run on older systems, and are desperately advertising this so called "end of life" through all their channels.

Even when Windows XP would not serve a particular task, there is still the server version of it, Server 2003, where all available memory is unlocked and accessible via PAE, despite Intel's apparent attempts to make incompatible display drivers to help Microsoft in pushing for 64-bit.

Long live Windows NT5!

- Windows XP isn't going to disappear in 10 days

- Windows XP market share climbs again as customers dig their heels in

Fat but oh so sexy web UIs on flash, "clouds" everywhere, crippled systems on thin clients, where nobody can pirate anything or install their own choice of program versions. It's a scary future out there. Good old Windows XP, de-luned and de-blissed, you will serve us well for yet another another decade on fast and optimized real personal computers.

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Fear and uncertainty ?  Or friendly reminder microsoft is no longer officially supporting an old outdated , and rather one of their best pieces of software yet ? 


Given 53% +/- businesses are currently using XP, you think this is a joke, or just some dood on a forum trying to scare people, or is this microsoft attempting to force a mass market share of people in their direction, since they are becoming a dinosaur , and have not made any tech wide system moves to keep up with todays computing , in nearly ten years. This is not a news flash, it's been in the works for several years. 


I had my fit more than a year ago over this, now i could care less. I have one more machine running XP locally and after tax day this is out as well. (tax system is on an XP system) Mind you I am no windows fan.  Why on earth would I use their software when the planet has so many other options to choose from. Hell , look at ubuntu, it does everything windows does and has the ability to run on much less system resources. By far. Not to mention leaving the same old year after year virus's and botnets behind. Sure anything is susceptible, not like that. 


You can bet however large corporations could be getting backend deals to supply patches for an extended period of time , before the deal comes down with new machines. You speak of NT, well you are obviously aware thats 2K and XP, NT was the last real thing that microsoft has done for the planet. And they never left it.


Aside moving into the classroom with common core, ( they knew well they would be finished within another ten years if not for shmoozing with government)  microsoft has again lost to chromebook. The writing is on the wall and has been for some time. 


None the less, getting around the finical attempt to force all computer users to use microsoft products, is easy. Don't buy a microsoft machine. 

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Mud.. you'er doing the right thing getting rid of XP. A 12 year old XP, who drives a 12 year old car anymore (except me, but it only has 54,000 miles on it).. and about that 53%, it's more like 33% world-wide for all users of XP.  Systems come and they go, XP is gone. How many Mac Os's have met their demise,(Mac people call it revision), and there all named after some animal living in the zoo. Lets move-on, nothing here to see. Have a PC day.

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Hey I still drive (occasionally) a 96' Dodge ram. 200k ++ 


Don't take me wrong , as I say imo XP was what made windows become so popular in the home computing market. No I ain't scurrd about exploits, we have more than we can even detect at this point, what's a few more. 


I have 4-6 original XP disks here, I'de have to look. Left over from the OEM days of building systems. Hell a couple are still in their cellophane. So I cannot say I won't be using one on a system in the future, it's still very much a viable system. In fact I have 2k and server 2k in use here as well, runs like a top. I wouldn't use it in production at this point, but I am aware where server 2k is still used , and widely. 

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Escape from XP browser game

A platformer action game where the player must evade or destroy burning recycle bins and damaged computers, and leave subtly influenced about the inferiority of Windows XP, Office 97/2000 and cathode ray tube displays.

According to the game, Windows 2000 was in "ashes" when XP was released, and even though the player is escaping MSIE 6, the golden icon of a later version is shown.

Doesn't work in all browsers.

Windows 2000 and XP are several versions of the same core product. I've used both, and XP seems to me more stable and tolerant. It doesn't need to be restarted as often when adding drivers, and doesn't refuse to boot in as many cases when the system partition has been altered. With the nonsensical interface theme removed, it feels almost like 2000.

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For me, XP will never die. If you have an old computer lying in your house, with 512MB or 1GB of RAM and an slow CPU, Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1 is way too much. I'm not saying that W7 will not run on it, but it will take almost all RAM memory. For me, a good Operating System is the one that is lightweight, fast and reliable. XP is all that. If I ever see another Windows version that run as fast as XP on these old PCs, I will leave XP. But MS wants to make everyone buy a new PC. And I really don't care if they end the support of XP. Windows 2000, 98SE, etc are all OS that are in the same situation, but are still used by a lot of people with old hardware. At least, we have still hope that ReactOS will replace XP someday...

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