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Linksys WAP11 - recovered old tech


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Not much excites me, outside of old technology and helping it live another day. 


At any rate I happened upon an old Linksys WAP 2.4Ghz 11Mbps access point. Dug through boxes of those wires that you have no idea what they ever went to , and the ones you look at and say, damn, yup that was fun. And found the correct transformer (at least the closest thing I could find within the rating)


I could not figure out WTH it would not fully boot, thinking I was off to find some old .bin file and inject it via TFTP, I noticed the reset button was off to the side, inside the plastic case. 


Fixed that and poof, boots right up, and connects just fine. Weeeeeeeee!


Back to Earth, it only has WEP, so ok fair enough, I'll add MAC addy filters and that should be good enough, as there are other cryptos involved in the network. 


Well it seems OSX could care less about WEP ( as if that's a shocker) , it refuses to allow the '$' that used to work in discussions between to understand the difference between HEX and ASCII . 


So who has the idea? 

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