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Serving me the wrong size, test takes too long

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I have a 0.5 mbps connection and your test gives me 29 MB to download. Or it gives me 2 MB to upload. Very unpredictable connection and your test is not helping.



Hi Elias,

If your connection is really rated for 0.5 Mbps... you're performing very good some of the time.  But then I see sometimes you have really deep degradation of speed.  99 Kbps / 13 Kbps were your slowest... you pretty much have dial-up sometimes.

Sorry that you're getting frustrated with your situation.  You said it yourself, your connection is unpredictable.  How can you expect the test to make a prediction as to what size to use when the connection's acting unpredictably?  If it's taking too long there are two things you can do.  First, you could manually select your test size on thedownload test or upload test pages... or use the express button on those pages.  Express, instead of making the calculations as the test is running it makes a size determination based on your last 5 completed results.  The thing is though, if the burst is strong enough and the size is less than 6MB download or 1.5 MB upload manual selection can be automatically overridden. 
Having said that, I'll take your feedback and use it to make the algorithm better.  Hopefully outputting a better size for you.  Without a doubt, I can always improve the process... and I will thanks to feedback like yours.
I'm looking at your results... https://testmy.net/compID/165236018813 -- it looks like you're getting short bursts of speed, then it caps back off.  https://testmy.net/db/zmBQj3J -- the test sees those bursts and thinks to itself, "if I serve this client a larger size, it may smooth out the bursting for a more accurate result..."  --- the goal is to serve you a size that's juuuuuust right.  Large enough to be accurate but small enough to save yourself time and bandwidth.  Usually after 20-30 seconds it's just wasting your time.  Up to that point, the longer the better.  The higher the duration of the test the more information you have, which in turn yields higher accuracy.
Thanks for the feedback.
Kind Regards,
- Damon - TestMy.net


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