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Connecting a new cable modem, coax cable mystery


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I am connecting cable modem service for the first time.

There are many different cat5 connections inside my house. The one the cable installers connected it to was pulling 60Mbit/sec after installed. It was an inconvenient place for the modem, so I moved it to another location. Inside the cable box, the outside line comes in and attaches to one coax cable via a coupler, no splitter. I removed the wire that it was attached to and connected the coax that lead to the part of the house where I wanted the modem. I reconnected everything at it works fine, except the speed is cut in half.

I can pull 30, 35 on a good day, Mbit/sec.. half what it was getting at the other location. When I move it back to that location it goes back up to ~60. With the tools I have with me I don't have a reliable way to measure the resistance of the entire length of the wires. I'll have to go get that tool from my storage. The connector on the faster line is *slightly* higher quality/newer but the cable is identical. They are both solid metal on metal connections, however. 

This is a new house with all new wiring made within the past 10 years. I am a pc technician but I don't do a lot of stuff with cable modems in terms of initial install, I handle mostly PC hardware/software and network infrastructure issues.


Anyone have any ideas of things I could try?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


*Signal info attached*


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I replied to your other post another thing to keep in mind is the wire on the middle of the coax needs to be just the right length if I were you I'd start with bypassing the faceplate connector or swap out the cheap old one with the one that's working correctly

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