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I use Tooway in the UK and although some of my download speeds appear acceptable (that's by the pathetic UK standards that is) the performance at desktop level is pedestrian and I am told that this is due to the transfer rate. Why talk about download speeds I ask myself? Can anyone answer the question for me? 


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Hi peru99


I'm not sure exactly the question, none the less satellite can be volatile at any rate, your tests show typical satellite evening hour squash.

Unfortunately there is likely little that can be done about this.


However there are several users here at testmy.net who are well versed in tweaking your type of connection.


My suggestions would be to insure there are not addons in your browser causing unnecessary traffic, (constant updating ect) and make sure there are no issues on the machine with items such as malware.

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Many thanks for taking the time to help me. I suppose my fundamental problem is understanding the difference between download speed and transfer rate. I will search the forums about tweaking my system. Thanks again for your help.

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