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i just got hughesnet last week and its been nothing but headaches, 'ive been on the phone with them 5 times for over an hour each time because my speeds were 1.something or less. every time i hung up, my speeds would be in the high teens even 20's but within an hour or 2 they start dropping back down to 1.something. the service man has been out here twice, everything checks out OK, he even changed the modem and speeds were good again really high, BUT when he left, within hours, speeds dropped back down to 1.something. hughnesnet blamed it on the router. bran new from hughesnet. but when i called netgear they said it was manufactured 4 years ago but they did something and again my speeds went skyrocket, for satellite. then again in an hour or 2 i was back to 1.something. on a second call to netgear, they downloaded new software and firmware, great speeds again but after i hung up i was soon back down to 1.something. at hughesnet i finally got a supervisor to "escalate" my issue to a special, higher level teck department that will contact me in a few days. WHAT IS GOING ON? this morning i got up at 4am and speeds were 17, now at 8am they are back to 1.something. there is some pattern but sometimes the pattern is broken. anyone know the answer or have a similar experience with hughesnet? is dish any better? what about exede?

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go to




This is their forum, they work at the top of the food chain in regards to tech support. It is the community you want to go to if your having issues with your hughesnet service. When you post there, post your modem serial number or any recent case numbers and a description of the problem.



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       Did they ever determine what the problem was?  With mine, I get fantastic speeds during off peak hours, but during peak hours, namely from about 5:30PM to about 10:30PM, for about twenty minutes starting right at 2:00AM, and again from about 6:30AM to about 9:00AM, the speeds can drop drastically, even down to the ones.  Could it be this, or were the speeds dropping during off peak hours?   

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