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  1. My speed test...help!

    HughesNet has direct competition from Exede. I don't know why you would pay $226 for the 50GB plan, as that's not the price. The maximum price for the 50GB plan is $129.99. With the $14.99 lease fee and taxes, that's maybe $150 total.
  2. SSL no longer supported?

    I second that, though I heard it from the same person.
  3. Here we go again. No detected provider.

    Congrats on the baby!!!
  4. Doing the same for some other Hughesnet users, as well.
  5. You're getting a fantastic deal. Making out like a bandit!!!! LOL.
  6. Is that unlimited? Either way, that's a great price for speeds like that! Sheesh.
  7. No longer detecting my provider?

    It seems that whatever was causing the issue is now fixed, at least for me. It's detecting that I'm on Hughesnet again.
  8. The lowest speeds you got were while you were using a test server in Tokyo. Discarding those, the rest average out in the mid 100s. This is only going by two days of tests, though, of course.
  9. Updated Speed and Cost... Hughesnet Gen5. 20GB/50GB plan, though all Gen5 plans have the same advertised speed. $64.98/month (will go up $20 in April 2018 due to upgrade discount expiring). Service has a soft data cap. After the monthly data runs out the speed is reduced to around 3Mbps, but it is unlimited.
  10. No longer detecting my provider?

    Disabling IPv6 didn't make a difference, nor did disabling the Web Acceleration, but disabling IPv6 AND disabling Web Acceleration together did. I'm going to change everything back to normal, but at least now I know what I can do to get it to show the provider if, for some reason, I need to. I hope testmy fixes this issue. Thanks for the help.
  11. No. It's still the same. Now, though, when you click Sign In it takes you to the Forums instead of the Home Page, but you're still not signed in unless you leave the "Remember Me" box ticked.
  12. A fellow Hughesnet user alerted me to this. I enter my credentials, untick "Remember Me", click on "Sign In" and, when the page changes, I'm not signed in. If I leave "Remember Me" ticked, I'm shown as signed in after clicking "Sign In." Something's not right. When unticking "Remember Me" and clicking on "Sign In" I should at least be signed in for that particular session. Thanks.
  13. No longer detecting my provider?

    Yep. Still the same for me, no matter if my Web Acceleration is on or off. Tried clearing the cache, flushing the DNS, and even tried with all four of the browsers I have. No difference. Nothing else to do, other than wait. It doesn't affect my actual test, of course, but it was nice to be able to compare my results to other Hughesnet users'.
  14. No longer detecting my provider?

    I tried running a couple of tests with the Web Acceleration turned off and it still didn't detect the ISP. Hopefully it will be back to normal soon.
  15. No longer detecting my provider?

    Yep. Comparison is the exact reason it's nice for it to detect the provider. I've noticed that it's doing the same thing for a few other Hughesnet users, but with some it's sporadic, as well. I just don't understand why it started doing this when absolutely nothing has changed, or at least nothing on my end. Could something have changed on Hughesnet's end that's causing it to do this?
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