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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from cathe in how to improve WIFI connectivity even with internet basic plans   
    So is it your suggestion to avoid those things in order to "improve WiFi connectivity even with internet basic plans", or are you asking for help to improve your "WiFi connectivity"?  
    *3rd party devices/routers
    Keep in mind that, if one does not have a proprietary WiFi router from their plan provider they must connect a 3rd party router in order to utilize WiFi.  
    *movie apps that require 3 to 6 Mbps internet speed
    If one's provider doesn't supply adequate speed they won't be able to stream movies, regardless of a WiFi or LAN connection.  
    *simultaneous use of wifi from 6 or more devices
    Wholeheartedly agree, as the speed will be divided between devices, and not necessarily evenly.  And if using the 2.4Ghz band, the WiFi itself could be a choke point, depending on the plan's speed.
    * unmindful of radio frequencies (i.e. 2.4ghz/5ghz) or lack of info as its reach among others
    With the 5Ghz band this is normally not an issue, though its range is considerably less than the 2.4Ghz band.  
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from Sean in Skewed test results...   
    Well guys, it appears that Kaspersky may very well be the problem.  Though my speeds are pretty bad tonight, when I had Kaspersky disabled the issue wasn't there, and when I re-enabled it the issue was back.  So, now I know what's causing it.  
    Thanks for the help!  I certainly appreciate it.    
    BTW, CA3LE, an odd thing.  When you click on Copy URLs on a share results page, both URLs copy.  I can't copy just one or the other.  When I try to, both are included.  It's odd.  
    When I try to copy just one or the other, this happens automatically...

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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from Sean in Skewed test results...   
    That's very interesting.  I do, in fact, use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free.  I had to switch to it when the Webroot I'd been using for nearly six years started causing lag issues with both my Windows 10 desktop and laptop. 
    I'll try running a few tests later on this evening while Kaspersky is completely disabled/turned off and see what happens.  I tried two tests with it off just now and, while one did experience just a small amount of the issue, the other didn't at all.  Maybe pausing protection will be the same, as it would be easier to just pause when I run tests instead of shutting the whole thing down.
    Thanks for the suggestion! 
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    Gabe1972 reacted to CA3LE in Skewed test results...   
    There was a few month period where the option was no longer linked.
    If you've added any browser extensions recently disable them and see if it improves.
    When it spikes like that it can be because of software processing issues.  If an extension or the browser itself lags in the process it can manifest in a spike because the timing events are affected. 
    I would compare different browsers, disable any browser extensions or modifications and also look at temporarily disabling any internet security software you may be running in the background and see if it has any affect.
    Both versions haven't changed recently.  The tests are the same as always.
    If this has popped up... something is causing it to happen.
    Have you compared multiple computers?
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    Gabe1972 reacted to Sean in Skewed test results...   
    Which virus checker are you using? 
    I have seen this before with Kaspersky, including its free version.  It appears to hold on to the incoming data as it analyses it, so when it releases it to the browser, this causes a spike like what you show. 
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    Gabe1972 reacted to Sean in What does TID stand for?   
    Test Identifier - It's the string of digits, letters and dashes.  Every test has a unique test ID:

    If you see a non-clickable image somewhere, you can type testmy.net/db/ followed by this ID in the image to get more detail on a test, e.g. http://testmy.net/db/wMiM9vIQX
    If you see "TID" written somewhere less obvious, post a screenshot for us to have a look at. 
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in No place to copy TID code to combine it (other than URL)...   
    It does.  I completely forgot about being able to copy it from the first box.  Thanks for the help.   ?
    Have a great 4th!    
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    Gabe1972 reacted to CA3LE in Great job on the new look!   
    Thanks Gabe!  
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in Great job on the new look!   
    I like the new design.  Great job, CA3LE!  
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from JohnyWalter in My huges net sucks   
    You should check what your speed is hard wired to determine whether 30Mbps is your max.  
    You won't get 70Mbps with HughesNet.  Max is in the high 40s.  
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in Where'd everybody go?   
    I check this quite often, and all of a sudden the list is VERY small.  What happened?  

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    Gabe1972 reacted to oneup008 in No longer detecting my provider?   
    Testmy.net is not detecting IPv6 address correctly. Disabling IPv6 fixes this issue. 
    If your using the MaxMind DB there are different databases for IPv4 and IPv6 depending on how you have them stored on your end. 
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from Interprises in HughesNet GEN5 EchoStar XIX / Jupiter 2   
    I'm liking it.  No evening slowdowns, either.  That will probably change later as my beam, gateway and the overall system get more loaded, but for now it's fantastic!  

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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from Pgoodwin1 in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Now, you're just being downright mean.  LOL.  457.6Mbps and 20Mbps?  Excuse me while I wipe the drool away.  I can't imagine.  I'd be ticked just to have 20% of that.    
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in Sign up link not working...   
    If you click on "Sign In", then "Sign Up" after "Don't have an account?", it works, but the direct Sign Up link is not working.  Just letting you know.  I'm on the Hughesnet Community boards and when people are being told to create an account here they aren't able to. 

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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from james1979 in Not bad for Hughesnet..   
    I'm on the Jupiter satellite and I am using the HT1100 modem.  I'm not sure about the HT1100 and the new satellite, but I'm sure that's what they will be using.  Right now they are upgrading people on the HT1000 modems to the HT1100 for free.  People just ask on the community boards and they send them one.  They may even be doing it for people on the HNS9000.  I'm not sure.  I'm getting speeds like this because I am on a beam that is lightly loaded.  My plan actually has an advertised "Up To" speed of 10Mbps, so you can imagine my surprise when I first upgraded to Gen4 in Feb.  I thought the test was wrong, but after a few more, I was shocked to realize that I was actually getting the speeds it showed, which at the time was around 20Mpbs.  A couple of months ago the speed started going up, and right now, during the middle of off peak usage times, it's not at all unusual to be getting in the high 20s and low 30s.  The highest speed I ever got is in the picture below...

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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from Sean in Not bad for Hughesnet..   
    Getting better over the last month and a half or so. 
    Right now, with the Gen4 plan, you can still buy the equipment, though I'm not sure how much it is.  $200 maybe?  The Gen4 plans have no free download time.  They have the Anytime Data, which is really the biggest difference between plans, and the Bonus Bytes, which is 50GB with all of the plans.  Anytime Data is 8:00AM to 2:00AM, and Bonus Bytes is 2:00AM to 8:00AM.  If you run out of Bonus Bytes, though, the Anytime Data will be used during Bonus Bytes time, hence the name. 
    With that said, I prefer to lease the equipment, because if anything goes wrong with it, it's covered.  If you purchase it and later something goes wrong with it, you have to pay to have it fixed, not only for the parts, but the labor, as well.  Sure, in the long leasing costs more, but it's worth the peace of mind. 
    I have the 15GB/50GB plan.  I don't stream, so it's plenty for me, and for three Windows 10 PCs, too.  I pay about $85 for mine, but I have a 12 month discount.  Normally it would be $79.99 for the plan and $9.99 for the equipment lease, plus tax.  
    My plan has Smart Browsing, as well.  If I use up all of my data, I can still browse with no noticeable drop in speed.  That's browsing, though.  If you try to download large files while in Smart Browsing, it will throttle you to around 150Kbps.   
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    Gabe1972 reacted to mudmanc4 in sharing   
    @Gabe1972 I understand.
    There appears to be caching going on somewhere between the ISP and his computer.
    Have him delete the individual results in his database here at testmy.net 
    Select the test result from the checkbox on the right, then hit the red 'X'

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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from mudmanc4 in sharing   
    I gave him the suggestion in the Hughesnet thread and explained it step by step.  We'll see what happens.  Thanks for the help.
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Not bad for Hughesnet..   
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    Gabe1972 reacted to CA3LE in Incorrect Speed Results on Table...   
    You're welcome.
    There are some new tricks going into the next version that will better isolate your results in situations like yours... so you won't need that option in the future.
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in Incorrect Speed Results on Table...   
    Ah, thank you for the info.  It worked like a charm.  It's too bad it's so small.  It's  like the teeny tiny disclaimer that you can barely read on TV commercials.  LOL. 
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    Gabe1972 reacted to CA3LE in Incorrect Speed Results on Table...   
    You must be on a shared proxy or your IP changes.  Other people on Hughes are being detected under the same public IP as you are, seems to be more common with satellite.
    Go to My Results and scroll down, there is a link to hide tests taken when not logged in... that will hide those for you.

    That's a database driven setting, so once it's set the setting will follow you around as long as you're signed in.
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    Gabe1972 got a reaction from CA3LE in Satellite internet   
    Well, I can tell you this much.  I've had Hughesnet since 2004, and it's been decent.  When it snows hard and/or the dish gets some buildup, you do lose the signal, but my dish is low enough that I can clean it off easily.  I just upgraded to the Gen4 from the original plan that I had since 2004, and I have been happy with it thus far.  There are slowdowns during the peak period, but that's to be expected.  I am in the same boat as you in regard to nothing else being available.  But, be forewarned, Hughesnet offers Gen4 now, but only the eastern third of the US and a few pockets on the west coast truly get the Gen4 speeds, whereas the rest of the country is put on the older satellite and are limited to a speed of 5Mbps down.
    Also, I am pretty sure that it's Hughesnet that Dish offers.  They don't have actual satellite internet themselves. 
    Again, though, with regard to losing the signal, that is the norm with heavy snow and snow buildup on the dish.  I don't recall ever losing it when it rains, save for one really nasty storm a few years back.  It happens with DirecTV, as well.  I hope this helps. 
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