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Anybody have issues with HughesNet???  Over the past 14 days, my speeds have gone from averaging 18-20Mg to now in the 400kbps!  After an hour with tech support, they suggested moving my modem to the other side of my desk and getting another router.  I have a NetGear R6220 Dual Antenna that's only 7 months old and checks out fine.  I think I'm on par with dial-up (or soon will be.)  Any suggestions???

TIME arrow down       SIZE     SPEED    USER  PROVIDER  TID
Mon Dec 19 2016 @ 8:11:38 pm Dallas, TX US arrow 2.7 MB 520 Kbps 65 kB/s   Hughes Network history 4TQmcxW2N share history
Mon Dec 19 2016 @ 8:10:03 pm Dallas, TX US arrow 1.3 MB 613 Kbps 77 kB/s   Hughes Network history nN3uVDew2 share history
Mon Dec 19 2016 @ 8:08:46 pm Dallas, TX US arrow 10.7 MB 664 Kbps 83 kB/s   Hughes Network history m4xvshgUA share history
Mon Dec 19 2016 @ 7:35:56 pm Dallas, TX US arrow 1.3 MB 491 Kbps 61 kB/s   Hughes Network history 0tLGmvFWZ share history
Mon Dec 19 2016 @ 7:35:03 pm Dallas, TX US arrow 1.3 MB 448 Kbps 56 kB/s   Hughes Network history ZRTGr8Bzd share history
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