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people from uk post your speedtest results

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Why would you post Ookla speed test results in this forum?  How strange.. :)


By the way, the U.K. is not all "Great" as you so flippantly state.  All you know is that your particular connection and area are well catered for.  We are still on a 20C ADSL MAx connection up here in Northern Scotland, which is still in the U.K.  As a result, people who live here get a bit fed up of all this generalisation. 
Before you get all defensive and insulting however, consider the position reversed?  You maximum throughput has just fallen to 6Mbps downstream and 365Kbps upstream (My maximum on a good day) how do you feel?  :)


In any case, I'm perfectly happy with what I have...as long as the steam powered exchange doesn't get too clogged up and flood the backhaul, we can stream a movie and surf the net pretty successfully.  Can't upload anything large though or everything else stops ;)


No cable, No Fibre, just good old Copper ADSL.


Enjoy what you have because you never know what's around the next bend.




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