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SUDDENLINK service has gone to HELL !


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Well, I found out why Suddenlink pricing and services have been going to hell over the past couple of years.  Didn't know that Altice bought them out.  Read this article for an eye opener.


Altice buys Suddenlink


In the process of submitting a complaint to the BBB for such bad service, billing errors and constant increases with no basis.

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I'm so tired of companies that have monopolies and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Altice hit us again with nearly a 20% increase for cable services. Now will be paying $152 for basic cable TV, 50Mbit internet and phone service. All the horror stories about this company jacking up pricing have come true. Suddenlink employees I have spoken too hate Altice (say so when not being recorded). Suddenlink was a friendly family owned business with reasonable pricing and outstanding service at one time, but no more.


There is no comparable service here in the Abilene, TX area to switch too, so either we suck up the cost or discontinue the services.


When I lived in Colorado and had Comcast, the city had regulatory control over them and had to approve their pricing increases which kept them reasonable. Here, the city elders could care less and the same for state representatives.


p.s. the above link to the article on Altice has disappeared, can no long find it.

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I left Suddenlink last December because the internet speeds were erratic, the lies or convient mistruths, and the fact that finally we got competition for them. Prior to that the only offered decent speed internet was Suddenlink cable here. The rest was dialup and satellite.


I was very happy when I saw the AT&T trucks everywhere in hopes of a company coming in giving us the option of another fast internet. 2 months into it I’m not so sure I did any better.


As for prices im not sure what is a fair price but it always seems expensive considering tv idea is some pretty old stuff. Sure they keep saying all this new technology is here but I’ve been satisfied with tv for 20 years or more without all this “high flutin” junk they keep touting.  The best part is since 90% of tv is now dedicated to progressives, liberals, or Democrats ideals I shut that waste of money off. It’s been off over a year and I have found much better stuff online and away from the pc to do. 


Had Suddenlink  been more concerned with offering a steady consistent product I might have spent another 10 years with them. Oh and get ready the lady was rude as **** when I called to turn my service off. I finally had to hang up on her as she would not stop telling me how horrible AT&T was. :wacko:

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