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how ISP traffic distribution works? happy to join and thank you !

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thank you thank you for your service.

i was used to test with another reputable service but damn yours is greater.

clear and explanatory + forum for help and insights



- how traffic distribution is managed by ISP?
i am a client of Airwaynet.cz in Prague. 

satelite dish + ethernet cable indoor + wifi network for mobile.
it took them a year to provide me the traffic i pay for,

dwn 20 Mb upl 5Mb

i understand tolerance but till some point.

- what tolerance should i accept from such Provider?


the situation is back to point zero.

ups and down on regular base. ( the high rate of traffic happens after my calls then down again)
I am very dependable from them like all of us.


- how to solve the issues?

I would like you to explain how provider deal with the traffic?

- What are their tools and tech?


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Phone calls to your ISP are important even if they don't really resolve the traffic issue. The more people that call, the more aware they become that their customers are not happy. Ask friends or work colleagues who use your ISP if they're having similar issues, and if they are, ask them to call the issue in too. Many legs of your internet traffic are not under your direct control, but they do have ways of changing paths that your traffic takes.

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