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Everett Seymour

Constant speed slowdowns and weather related loses

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Good morning all:

I have just joined this forum. I really don`t know how to use it,as a newbie. Other than to explain my internet connection problems that I have had for more that 5 years now.I don`t know if it is allowed to mention my supplier so I will just state my findings. The advertised speed that was offered has been at best, very much slower and occasionally almost lost for a minute to more than an hour. I have used other speed test sites that were affiliated with my

supplier to find they showed my speed to be " up to par". I now have used TestMy a few times to find my speed to be erratic and much slower that they have shown me. How do I make this company live up to their stated speed promises???? Also they have been here numerous times and tested my internal wiring and made many reasons why it was slowing down. IE modeum, wiring, wireless connections. Any and all were updated with the best available, which I paid for. But this problem continues. Can someone guide me to fix this. In advance Thanks.

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