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Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results?

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Good eve,

I love your testing and results layout...

Why is Comcast saying they do not support your test site and results?

Thank you!



Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for the kind words.
Oh Comcast... I don't get it, they were one of the ISPs that helped make my site popular in the first place.  If you were to dig deep enough in my forum and others... Comcast techs used to refer people to TestMy.net.  Their in home techs and telephone support.  People used to start with, "Comcast phone support sent me here...", "I saw my install tech using TestMy.net when my service was installed", etc...)  I had Comcast support techs tell me (well over a decade ago) that TestMy.net is not only their "go to" speed test, it's in their training manual.  Then ookla and speedtest.net come out, giving ISPs a platform that not only works in their favor... I've been told by speedtest.net hosts it can be manipulated if you pay the company enough.
Anyway, so now they don't accept my results because their own BS Trumps everything else.  There are still many techs that work for Comcast referring people to TestMy.net but not nearly as many.  (Comcast is only one example)  Not always the employee's fault.  They're brainwashed into believing that any results outside of their network can't be trusted.  It's not true.  I've been testing Internet since 1996, long before ANY ISP had their own branded tests from ookla (or anyone else for that matter).  My methodology is the same today as it was then and the same things apply today.  My servers are extremely fast and hosted in the BEST places... and in real data centers where the websites you visit are hosted in.  Data being served to you in much the same way as you'd download it from any source.  The other tests are not made to benefit consumers.  TestMy.net on the other hand was invented by a consumer.
None of the ISPs really seem like me, anymore... but then they still send me emails asking if they can host a TMN speed test within their network.  I tell them yes, but that the client will always have the choice to test against outside servers.  And that I must retain full access to the server to ensure that none of the testing variables are altered.  Funny... for some reason they never email back after that.  Just silence.  They don't like an unbiased opinion, they want you to test in a vacuum.  Their vacuum.
Thank you for using my service, please spread the word with your friends.  TestMy.net has always been 100% word-of-mouth.
- Damon - TestMy.net

Good evening Damon,

Thank you for your fast and highly informative reply!

A Comcast Tier 2 Gateway Wireless tech gave me your site .. 
Comcast's test site has been over 2 weeks now! .. Resolution's Dept supervisor told me they do not support your site and keeps saying their test site is working .. Just more lies that guy has told me...

I agree...
You confirmed what I thought about your site and Comcast...
Keep doing what you do! .. I will promote your site where all I can!

WE need the truth!
Gives us the confirmation in results we are right!  (we have issues)

I feel Comcast tries to fool customers to avoid truths ..  Their mistakes, wrongs, lies, etc...
They commit consumer fraud on some accounts .. I have endured their good, bad, lack of stuff, lack of training, experience, customer service, etc...

My account your results are in tune with what I experience, be it slow online or breezing .. Today phone kept hanging up, emails not sending .. Results with you stated real low downloads .. Comcast site and so called dept monitors said all is green/good...

I have the notorious Comcast caused intermittent signal issue caused on install day!  11/23/2015 .. I dog them, daily log kept, call when issues arise, etc...

Have a real nice weekend!


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