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Typical Gigabit Speed Test?

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So I'm curious what a typical gigabit speed test should look like with Testmy.net. With the custom hosted speed test my isp offers, of course, I get 940-980 down and around 550 up. When running multiple test to multiple servers with testmy.net I'm getting anywhere from 100's to a high of 293 and an average of 178.4. How much degradation should be accounted for in the differences of distances and routes?



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When I test to the NY server, which is about 550 miles from me, I get 200-220 Mbps on my Spectrum 200 Mbps plan when things are running doing well. I get short duration reading anywhere fro 80 to 150 when things aren’t running at max, but those durations are usually only 10s of seconds long, then it returns to the higher speeds. My upload speeds are at my max plan of 10 Mbps with short durations of 1/2 that. Those durations are annoying more often than the download anomalies. 

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Yeah, I'm just trying to really see if my ISP is limiting my gigabit. Speedtests show they are pushing 1000mb from their facility to my house which is only a couple miles away. Routing however from me, through their facility, and then outbound is what I'm not sure about. Seems like I should be getting higher numbers even on a flash based speedtest to outbound servers. Speedtest.net test shows 540 to dallas tx download and testmy.net shows 223.  Dallas, Tx is about 700 miles from me. Should I really be seeing this low of numbers? Even on an inflated test such as speedtest I figure I should be seeing higher.

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