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downloaded speed test vs website speed test


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Hi everyone. I have AT&t 1G fiber optic. I've used ookla speed test website and i'm averaging 100Mbps download and 300Mbps upload on my desktop with a cat6 cable directly to the AT&T router.Then I downloaded ookla to my desktop, and my results are 800Mbps download and 900 Mbps upload . If anybody can explain to me the difference, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks !

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Do some testing on this site. 


OOKLA testing is rather meaningless - they throw out data, and lately Speedtest looks like it only gives what performance was in the last few seconds of the test (and who knows how much Test data they throw out to calculate a Speed that ISPs like.


Read Speed Test Legitimacy on this site in the Extras menu.



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I’m not sure if 800 and 900 Mbps are consistently achievable on a 1 Gbit/sec system, even to a local ookla server in your area.


what does AT&T advertise as download and upload speeds for the plan you’re on?


If you’re near Atlanta, you might try the Miami Test server here on TMN. It’s a little closer. Try the NY server too-it’s about the same distance to you as the Dallas server. See if there’s any significant speed differences between those routes. There may be a bottleneck between you and Dallas

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