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85% Middle Variance

David B

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Hello!  My cable Internet access went from Time Warner to Spectrum about a year ago.  In the last two months, my Internet connection has been intermittent.  About three times an our, my connection goes dead -- and I can't access any websites, download, etc.  Streaming content hangs.  I replaced my cable modem (which was ancient), to no avail.  I was told there was an incompatibility with. Apple routers, so I'm currently using a Medialink unit.  None of that has helped.  Nor was the problem gone when I connected directly to the modem via ethernet.  When I test downloading via this site on repeat mode, the lack of connections shows up as big downward spikes about three times an hour.  They never go to zero.


Question -- what does 85% middle variance mean (with my test results); any thoughts as to what might be happening.  I have a technician coming over today, but I'm sure I'll get a runaround.

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