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Windows 10 network properties ? Incorrect Info

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Has anyone noticed the information in the windows 10 network properties being incorrect?

I just got a new ASUS USB AC-68 adapter and in the properties it shows 

Link speed (Receive/Transmit):    54/1300 (Mbps) 

yet when I do speed tests either Via here on Via Xfinity just to have a comparison 

I am getting over 200 Mbps download speed which would be impossible

if I truly were connected at 54 Mbps receive speed.

technically the USB adapter should be 1300/1300 (Mbps) 


Just curious if anyone else noticed that.

Now funny thing when I connect via ethernet it shows correct info as 

1000/1000 (Mbps) and with my factory Wifi it shows 300/300 (Mbps)

It only reads funny with the ASUS AC-68 oh and the ASUS AC-53 I bought for girlfriends computer

yet when testing it downloads in the 200 + (Mbps) range.

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