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No subforums for fixed wireless?


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I live in rural Texas - where there are usually few options (sometimes only ONE option other than satellite) for internet.

JAB Wireless is pretty big - and pretty awful. The logs for them look like someone is cheating to make their stats look better. I'd love to see a forum where I can discuss JAB with their other customers.

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Going by the database log, it looks like the majority of the high test results (~54Mbps down) are with the same connection ID.  This could be someone that is connected to a wireless mast with very few other customers and running a repeat scheduled test. 


There haven't been many discussions here about fixed wireless Internet, which is likely why there is no sub-forum here.


If you have 4G LTE coverage with any cellular provider, see if that provider offers mobile broadband with 4G LTE connectivity.  The latency will be similar to fixed wireless and the monthly caps are generally much better than satellite.  For example, here in Ireland all three major mobile providers (Eir, Three and Vodafone) offer 4G based broadband packages with monthly caps of between 60GB and 750GB.   Like fixed wireless, the speed will depend on the network load of the nearest 4G cell and the signal strength. The price will depend on the monthly cap.  


My own home broadband is 4G based as my only other options are DSL (4Mbps max), satellite and a wireless provider I had terrible experience with.  I usually get around 20 to 30Mbps with the 4G service as there is not much load on the Three cell in my area.

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FWIW, I was just starting to have SEVERE connection issues when I posted this thread. Over the next few months I ran continuous tests showing HUNDREDS of dropped connections each day. The drops lasted anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. I was getting really sick and tired of calling support all the time and having them blame my router (which I replaced TWICE just to prove it wasn't the router) until finally a support tech told me they had replaced all of their customers equipment a few months ago (timing with the start of my major issues) to work with the new tower equipment, and somehow I had been missed.

After the equipment was replaced I finally got a stable connection and decent speeds most of the time. I provided 3 months of logs showing the problem, and argued with billing for a few weeks before I finally accepted their best offer - one month credit, plus 10 dollars off the following 2 months. I'm still furious.

As I told both support and billing, the connection was so bad that we had basically given up using the service. A regular webpage often wouldn't even load because the connection would drop, causing me to have to reload the page, often several times, before it would load. Facebook? Netflix? Forget it. It just wouldn't work. It was THAT BAD.

Their support and billing both use the same technique - they make it so time-consuming and frustrating to work with them that you finally give up (which is their goal, and is exactly what I told them.)

If you use any of the JAB wireless companies (mine is Rise Broadband) I feel your pain. They truly suck.

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