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Limited amount of data for tests

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I'm having trouble with Hughesnet (no kiddin') and I've been running up and download tests on Testmy.net  but I have been told to limit my data so each test runs the same amount. On top of that even after I ordered only 5 tests for a period of 5 hours when I examined the log it showed that it had been testing for 11 hours consuming 11.5 gigs. I know how to limit the minimum data used for testing but I haven't seen anywhere to limit the max data. Hughesnet's uploads are running at less than 3 Mbps, down to 2.0 at times while the download speeds are operating at their normal consistent speed of 1.2 Mbps to 86 Mbps. The graph looks like the stock market for the last few days. I do have to give Hughesnet credit that I went a full 90 days without a single glitch which is pretty good considering I've stayed with Gen4 Ultra which was severely overused until Gen5 was launched. I was hoping that a lot of the Gen4 users would upgrade to Gen5 lowering the number of users on Gen4s limited band width. I actally saw an improvement in both dl and ul speeds that got progressively better but then seemed to top out and there was no longer an increase in speed. I should mention that latency doesn't look that good on an intermittant basis. 1590 keeps me from streaming Netflix so I had to cancel it.


Assistance, opinions, advice, or just an acknowledgement is greatly appreciated.

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That DL spread is pretty wild. I’m seeing the similar results but primarily when I change a parameter, like earlier I changed my QoS status from High to Ignore and the DL for that machine went from the 85 range to the 3 range! Are you doing the same? Testing parameters when you get those wild spreads. If not, do they occur at particular times of the day? Just curious. I’ve dealt with consistently good or consistently bad service but have always been able to track down the cause like when they installed a server in town because it was so bad and it really improved but suddenly a couple of years later it stunk again and my research showed that the server had disappeared! Trying to get them to admit it was infuriating and they never did but then I found a little trick to pay for the lowest tier but get around 110 Mbps DL which is unheard of where I live these days as the company was bought out by a large foreign enterprise which is in the ??? business and sticks it to the technically clueless customers. What goes around comes around  ?     ?

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On 1/30/2019 at 6:59 PM, bigmakow said:

My speeds were all over the place with the texas server. connect to a CA server the it might stable out



I’ve used several servers and combinations also with several devices/locations here and different times of day. I’m trying to do “grouping” using the option to set a ‘tag’ to identify them but as you can see, I’m not getting in here lately because of other demands on my time.

 I will try your suggestion next time and let you know.

On another site my default is NYC, being the closest, but Washington, DC, turns out to be steadily twice as fast! My ISP is in NYC but I wish I could bypass theirs and use the DC server instead. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to do it yet and I’m not sure of the DC IP address.


Sorry, I just realized you were talking to Hangfire and not me!

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