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  1. I just read the entire sequence and don’t know what you’re referring to. What am I missing? I could use a good laugh too ? ?️
  2. Unfortunately, I've been compromised. Last night in my Inbox I saw an email with the Subj field = my ISP login password. Today on my ISP provided phone was a call from "Fraudulent Call" and yes, it was misspelled too. The email was a threat if I didn't buy some BitCoins.... ISP said to go to local police and file a report and they would have documentation for them but my police are not what they used to be and technically ..... so I don't expect much.
  3. Originally I had 5+ people here and about 15+ devices which gave me the need for speed and bandwidth but I came to realize that for the last several years I only have 3 people with 5-6 devices (TVs, wireless blu-ray players, etc. all ‘smart’) so I didn’t need it anymore. I guess I developed a mindset to get the most I could. But for the next year I’ll be happy ? to pay the $50 instead of the $102 and then I’ll have to see what kind of deal I can get. Still, it was kind of fun to try for the 400 Mbps‼️ ???
  4. While I’ve got a fantastic home network system it’s only as good as the ISP provides. Last Fall I was paying $80/mo. for 400 Mbps. This site demonstrated the “real” situation. Now, because of you guys, I’m paying $50/mo. for Internet + TV + Phone and receiving the same approximate throughput, circa 100 Mbps, instead of 150 - 175 before, + the tv and phone! The only downside is it’s not as much fun running the speed tests as it had been but also not nearly as stressful. Pahoo
  5. Thanks but I haven’t uploaded anything yet, although I do have a wide variety of playlist content for both the discerning and the non-discerning viewers ?
  6. I haven’t been back for a while but now look forward to using it. My wife had surgery and is just now beginning to recover. I noticed on my prior testing that my time zone is not Eastern but something more like Mountain?
  7. Thank you Sean! If you don’t mind, I’m going to copy that into a procedure for me to refer to and share with anyone I know who uses Firefox (let’s see, there’s me and me). I prefer doing that to using Chrome or Google or Safari but everyone else I know uses one of those.
  8. O gee, and I was expecting a big congrats on my timing! ?
  9. It's a screen capture(hopefully) of an error message. ? Any ideas? I have no idea what/who CloudFlare is!
  10. FYI: https://mailchi.mp/newsletters/double-commander?e=def8f545c8
  11. So interesting. Believe it or not, I really don’t have any ‘mobile’ devices, other than this iPad. All my computers (except 1) are running a version of Windows 7, either 32 or 64 bit, and either Ultra or Professional. The exception is a Windows 8 64 bit because of a touch screen platform. So there are plenty of programs, like CCleaner for example, that only takes a flip of the switch to clean caches, etc. I used to do a full wipe and system install every December but no need to now. So it’s only this iPad that drives me crazy ?. But it’s a lightweight machine good for playing
  12. That “...strange...weird...” bug thing you captured on video. I had the identical thing last summer! Never saw anything like it so I tried to get a couple of pictures. It was through a window cause I got a thing about insects. They weren’t so good but if you don’t mind, I know a specialist who helped me identify something I was going to kill to be a predator of ground nesting hornets ? (it actually goes into the nest and eats them, I don’t know how it survives) and I would like to point her to your excellent video. I haven’t seen one yet this year. I apologize for going off track
  13. Just read this and felt compelled to quote you here: ” The true worth of an ISP In our opinion the true value of an Internet service provider isn't always measured in megabits. Truly great providers maintain good peering relationships with other providers so their users sustain quality speeds throughout the Internet, not just near by. It's the INTERnet not INTRAnet. If you run a speed test elsewhere and get higher results than you get here, poor provider peering may be to blame. ” This is a whole new world and the deeper I go (just below the surface) the
  14. Having been a Windows user for 30+ years those things were 2nd nature to me but now, having an iPad, I’m out to lunch with it❗️? How did you do it on your iPhone? And thanks for the laugh at the end❗️
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