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  1. Pahoo Katawah

    Limited amount of data for tests

    Thanks! I’ve used several servers and combinations also with several devices/locations here and different times of day. I’m trying to do “grouping” using the option to set a ‘tag’ to identify them but as you can see, I’m not getting in here lately because of other demands on my time. I will try your suggestion next time and let you know. On another site my default is NYC, being the closest, but Washington, DC, turns out to be steadily twice as fast! My ISP is in NYC but I wish I could bypass theirs and use the DC server instead. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to do it yet and I’m not sure of the DC IP address. Sorry, I just realized you were talking to Hangfire and not me!
  2. Sorry, thought you had left. In the meantime I've developed problems of my own. My speed dropped from 85-110 Mbps to 400-1200 Kbps!!! I found someone tossed a bag on the wirelerouter (8 antenna) t I writer talk later; in middle of running tests which kill wha my 200 tests sequence JUST ended so will have to examine the results but did just notice that the measurements I saw were suddenly in Bytes instead of bits! Don't know why that changed but will have to get back to you about your issue. My router suffered a suitcase falling on it a year ago and now this bag and between the two I think I lost 2 antenna internal connections but you never told me if you talked with the support people. I am thinking of switching to ATT so any input you would be willing to share I am more than willing to read!!! Pahoo Network Map Unexpected.doc
  3. Pahoo Katawah

    networking configuration

    I believe the poster has moved on.
  4. I surmise this thread is ended.
  5. Pahoo Katawah

    Limited amount of data for tests

    Hi, That DL spread is pretty wild. I’m seeing the similar results but primarily when I change a parameter, like earlier I changed my QoS status from High to Ignore and the DL for that machine went from the 85 range to the 3 range! Are you doing the same? Testing parameters when you get those wild spreads. If not, do they occur at particular times of the day? Just curious. I’ve dealt with consistently good or consistently bad service but have always been able to track down the cause like when they installed a server in town because it was so bad and it really improved but suddenly a couple of years later it stunk again and my research showed that the server had disappeared! Trying to get them to admit it was infuriating and they never did but then I found a little trick to pay for the lowest tier but get around 110 Mbps DL which is unheard of where I live these days as the company was bought out by a large foreign enterprise which is in the ??? business and sticks it to the technically clueless customers. What goes around comes around ? ?
  6. Hi, What did ATT Tech Support say, especially since you are paying top-tier price? On another note, my question about 1 or 2 pieces relates to a change I made to my system that I don't believe can be made to yours but I'll check it out. It made a HUGE difference to mine, huge meaning going from around 20 mbps max download to 108 mbps max download. I pay for the minimum tier because testing over the years only gave me minimum regardless of the tier; I did one month tests of each tier. I'm curious to hear what your Support people told you! P P.S. It just came to mind that fiber does have some constraints, like bends in the cables, etc. since it's light through glass. Also, used to be that it required an additional interface (a big stumbling block to students at the university I taught/worked at circa 2000) but I doubt that is the case today....
  7. Does ATT have a speed/cost hierarchy? Is the modem-router a single piece of hardware or 2 separate pieces connected by a cable? ?️
  8. Pahoo Katawah

    networking configuration

    Did you get a response and/or are you still here and interested? ?️
  9. Pahoo Katawah

    What am I testing?

    Yea! My Status changed from “Earning Trust” to “New Member”‼️‼️?
  10. Pahoo Katawah

    What am I testing?

    Thank you for the clarifications and I apologize for my impatience ?‼️ I was getting stressed out by several things and you were my only hope to get these issues resolved since my free router support ended 12/31/2018, which caught me off guard. I’m loving your site and hope to become an active member. Happy New Year, ?️ahoo
  11. Pahoo Katawah

    What am I testing?

    I must be missing something. I was thinking that multi-thread translates to 'several, simultaneous streams' as opposed to one stream or several 'concurrent' or "interlaced" streams. What am I testing where? A - Single stream B - Multiple interlaced streams C - Multiple concurrent streams D - Multiple simultaneous streams Ignoring duplex, direction and such factors. Just looking for the starting point to understanding. Is it possible to simulate a single user/multiuser environment without having several local devices signed in and running identical tests at nearly identical start times? If I don’t receive a serious reply, then I can read into it that I should just spend my time on other things and let this entire endeavor be what it will be and people will just have to make the most of what they experience.
  12. Pahoo Katawah

    re: testmy.net's test parameters

    I must be missing something. I was thinking that multi-thread translates to 'several, simultaneous streams' as opposed to one stream or several 'concurrent' or "interlaced" streams. Maybe it's because I used to have fiber, I don't know. When multi-thread is disabled my down/up load speed is 1/2 that of the multi-stream enabled speed. I'm trying to get a handle on my network's capability of serving multiple users as well as my ISP's delivery speed and quality and right now by coincidence the number of active users is 10. Yesterday it was 9. So I don't know.....And I don't know what I'm receiving from the ISP either. I do appreciate any light you can shed on this!!! I was going to make you my 'go-to' site because other sites are ... well you know. ?
  13. Pahoo Katawah

    re: testmy.net's test parameters

    Thank you. I didn't realize the multithread switch carried over to ALL tests! Also, thank you for the fast response Pahoo
  14. Pahoo Katawah

    re: testmy.net's test parameters

    Differences between Download Express and Multithread download I've been doing many tests using the Multithread Download option over the past two days. However, I just did a couple of tests using the Express Test (Up/Down) and expecting to see better results than the Multithread but instead they were much worse. I've looked for documentation differentiating the two tests parameters without success. Can you help? Thanks, Pahoo
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