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Speed Test Version 19 ?


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September 23rd 2012 ... that was the last time I emailed all of my members.


Development on TestMy.net is not always visible to my users.  Some of the most critical updates aren't always apparent.  I only email you if changes are significant and outward enough for you to notice.


A major update to TestMy.net has been released.  All of the new features were requested by our members.


  • Redesigned, responsive theme.  One design, all modern browsers, all resolutions.
  • Upload Speed Test progress
  • PWA with offline capabilities makes the auto speed test recoverable when your connection dies
  • Hourly Average Tool aggregates and plots your speeds hour by hour and gives you the ability to aggregate your results by host

Hourly Averages help illustrate connection issues by time of day.

Different clients, different parts of the world, testing different data centers... similar results.  Common patterns like this are emerging with this new tool.

  • Database date range functionality with date picker for easier deep database analysis
  • More detailed host, city and country stats showing daily and monthly averages
  • Enabling Multithread is quicker and easier automatically selecting your last server choice
  • Advanced emailing options
  • Dark Mode!  See "My Settings" in the footer

I've been developing this update and its prerequisites for over two years.

Some functionality of this version wasn't even built into most browsers just one year ago.  Compatibility is always important at TestMy.net so this update includes fallbacks for older browsers.  If your browser is too old to take advantage of the new programming you'll see the old version.  If you experience any issues or feel that your browser version needs to be added to the fallback list please contact me, then toggle the old version in the footer on the homepage.


If TestMy.net helps you understand the internet connections you're paying for, please share it with your friends. 


- Damon aka CA3LE - TestMy.net

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