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streaming channel sign ups


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I recently tried to find streaming channels for my computer. They have a list of service providers of all the major internet providers. Xplornet is not on that list., so I can't sign up for any streaming services. I wonder why this is., or is Xplornet listed as something else ??

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I'm not sure but I'll look into it and get right back to you.


I have the same issue with Xfinity (Comcast)... I'm like, "WTH, why isn't Comcast listed?" ... They have like hundreds of providers listed but the largest cable provider in the US, nowhere to be found.  Guess they didn't want to make that deal... 


I'll research and hit you back, I'd like to know too 

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Here's one example I had with my own provider, Xfinity.


Kids want to watch episodes on Nick Jr's app.  Looking for Xfinity, Comcast... and Xplornet.  Not listed.


IMG_1152-min.PNG IMG_1153-min.PNG IMG_1154-min.PNG


This is unacceptable because I pay for cable and subscribe to Nick Jr.  This is just one of many examples.


Here's a similar topic. Solved: Re: Nick Jr - Xfinity Help and Support Forums


They basically tell us to record it on DVR and watch it on the Xfinity streaming app.  I thought maybe Xplornet was the same deal... but I don't see where they have their own app.


I think you should contact Xplornet (1-866-841-6001 or online form) and ask them, "Why don't I have access to third party streaming services when I'm subscribed to these channels?"


If you contact them, please let us know their response.

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