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OBS Live Streaming Settings


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I am a gamer and streaming online on facebook but lately I am having issue with my streaming as video quality what I set is not coming out at other end. I have downloaded same content and run and it is quite messy as standard of 1080p. I have really good internet and Ryzen 5 2600 as CPU and Nvidia GTX 1080 FE as graphic card so I don't think keeping high setting for 1080p should be an issue as I had no issue before it start from last week only.


Can you help my current settings in OBS are as mentiioned below.



Base Resolution: 1920x1080

Output Resolution: 1920x1080

Downscale Filter: Bicubic (Sharpended calling, 16 samples)

Common FPS Values: 60



Output Mode: Simple


Video Bitrate: 6000 kbps

Encoder: Hardware (NVENC)

Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps

Checked: Enable Advance Encoder Settings

Encoder Preset: Quality


Please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong here also you can find link of my channels video for your reference.





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I do not use Facebook but do use OBS it looks like the settings you have here are the same ones You Tube calls for I imagine it is close for Face book, Though I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about streaming and Facebook.

Have you tried streaming to you tube or Twitch

Oh one thing I just noticed yo are using the NVENC encoder I read in the OBS Wiki that you will get better quality of stream using the Software encoder and the CPU if possible, but if you are recording  then the NVENC Encoder is much better.

I deal with a lot of people who stream iRacing I myself  take the replays record them and upload that as change camara views along with cars so I cannot stream as it would only show my cockpit view.


I would also look to see what Face Book is using if anything as the Codec of your  stream 

I found that when uploading videos you tube actually re encodes them and if you are not a top you tube channel wither in views and/or subscribers they use a older AVC codec if you are one of the channels mentioned  or upload as 1440P/60 they use the VP09 Codec

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