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A new member - trying to understand why data is so hard to get


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I just joined and have read some of the other members concerns. I just signed up with Hughes net and already am unable to do several things. Can't connect to NetFlix, unable to download videos on my computer, and can't connect my Fire TV. (I'm currently working from home and have a need to gain information from the office via video.) After the technician left, I connected to NetFlix and didn't have a problem for 1 (one) night. The next day, it showed a code that it was not connected to the internet. However, my satellite TV (DISH) indicates I am connected to internet. I started calling NetFlix, then DISH, and finally Hughes net. Unfortunately, with today's COVID-19 and all the people at home. NetFlix said it wasn't their problem, DISH said it wasn't their problem, and Hughes net I can't reach and they advise via a recording there is no one there to help me. (Call back at another time is how it ends.) Hughes net has NO live chat. So getting help as a new customer is out of the question because I can't get a hold of a real person. (We're suppose to have 24/7 technical support....)


After explaining all this, I thought maybe it is due to the ability of the Hughes-net satellite to supply data to all their users. I really don't know what the capabilities of satellites is in providing internet service. Is there a problem in trying to supply customers with sufficient data?


Thus, living in a very rural setting where I don't have good cell phone service, I'm thinking it might be my upload and download speeds and thought I would check this out. Is there any hope for my situation?


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