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CenturyLink Ohio DSL Slow Single Thread Speed


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https://testmy.net/db/mkrcr6nWM mkrcr6nWM.png


I am south of Lima Ohio and have CenturyLink DSL. I have been arguing with them for years about the single thread speeds not allowing me to stream content consistantly without long buffering times making it unwatchable a lot of the time. They of course simply say I am getting the correct speed because the  centurylink test site says i am. I do get close to paid for speed on their site and up to 20% slower on testmy.net multi-speed tests. The single thread test here is pretty much always less than 4 Mbps and mostly way less. Over the last few years I have continued to call them. Sometimes they come out and sometimes they don't because "there is no problem" according to them. I am at a loss for what to do. I have repeatedly tried to explain the issue to them including supposedly the local engineer but they either don't want to understand or won't. The engineer told me he IS NOT going to discuss their network with a customer. I have referred them to your website  multiple times. I don't see this speed Single/Multi-Thread varience on any of my friends internet service providers (BrightNet, TimeWarner, Spectrum). I really need some help on how to deal with these people...I can't wait to have some better options available out here in the country. Please Help

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The issue may be outside their network. The do have control over who they partner with. Here’s a comment on that issue by @Cable (the TestMy site owner. Edit/tailor the comment below and send it to them. Tell them your problem may be with the ISPs they are using for their customers. Do some latency testing so you have those test results available to send them. Be polite and persistent.


CA3LE comment on ISP Peering


“You have no control over what happens once the data leaves your footprint but you do have control over who you're peering with.  This issue appears to be caused by edge connections leaving "your footprint".  Basically, some of YOUR internet providers aren't delivering.  This is trickling down to me, the customer.  You can see in my traceroutes where the massive spike in latency occurs!  This should help techs track down the weak links.  That should be where you investigate and if it ends up outside of your control... then it's within the control of one of your peering providers.  YOU choose your internet providers just like I choose mine.  You are responsible for your peers and if they aren't performing for your customers to the point it's affecting their connections... then you need to pick new peers and strengthen links to best accommodate your customers.”

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