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Won't let me sign up from the SignUp page


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I have tried signing up by filling out the sign up form and by signing up with my google account and neither method is working. It either returns me to the home page without signing me up, or it gives me an error message (Error code: EX1364). 

Update: As I submitted this topic, it prompted me to complete my account (I had already entered my email for this question, it just asked me to enter a username). Now I have my username at the top right of the page. Though, it never asked me for a password, so I'm not really sure if it created an account and if it did I'm not sure how I would sign in.

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When you first sign up using Google sign in your password is the Google sign in itself.


You can set a password by visiting your account settings. Then login by using AstroHarry1596 and the password or Google sign in.


I'm going to go through the sign up process and fix any issues right now. May need some adjustment.

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I see what you're saying.


A temporary fix will show "Set Username" at the top (where the sign in / sign up links usually are) when you signup with Google and the username hasn't been set.


On normal sign up it's displaying an error instead of prompting you to check your email. The email is still being sent, if you follow the link it works.


I'll work on fixing the signup process. It works but is not a good user experience. 


Thank you for reporting this.

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