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The FAP Monitor for the DW6000 is now available!


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Hi all,

I thought that I'd add a little more to this.

The free version is limited to displaying the bucket information.  If you'd like to see the full power of this, please request a key for the "Free 30 Day Trial"

To do this, go to the system where you installed the service (or server), and start the client (if it isn't already running).  Select "Register : Get Registration Key"

Fill out the form, and for your version, select "Free 30 day trial"

You will then receive your free trial key.  To active the trial, click on "Register : Enter Registration Key" and fill out the form.

At this point, you will have the full working version (for 30 days)

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This basically is advertising, but for a program with quite a bit of use for Dway users.So if you don't mind I'm just gonna remove the linkies and ask you to put the link in your signature. Passive advertising isn't as bad as this thread. Thread closed.

Edit: Is this the archives? Meh. Note to self: No moderating when sleepy.

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