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Loaded with a Virus


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vetteman: Have you tried this specifically:I don't have XP I have ME.I had a simular problem but I only had 2 viruses my anti-avius program wouldn't remove in regular mode.I went to their forum(AVG) & got the instructions that I am giving you.My anti-virus is AVG but I don't see why this wouldn't work withanother av program.First you need two programs(freeware) you can download they are Stinger &CW Shredder.then start your system in safe mode.All this will be done in safe mode.Run your AV let it clean what it can,run CW Shredder,Run Stinger,then run your anti spyware program clean what it finds.Restart your PC to normal

mode run your AV program to see if it finds any more viruses .In my case this cleaned them out.Maybe this would work for you.If not you could try AVG anti-virus program & follow the instructions again.

You can try Ad-Aware. www.lavasoft.com

I haven't used Hijack This so I don't know how well it works.

Most of my info came from the AVG forum I would recomend you check it out .I got more information there when I had a problem.Since I did all this a the same time I really don't know exacyly what corrected the problem.I use Sygate firewall instead of Norton so I can't comment on it either. I think something is deleting the cookie from testmy is the reason for the "guest user".I use Spyware Blaster instead of Microsoft spynet. My system tests clean except for a few MRU's AdAware finds. I hope this helps. It sounds like someone is attacking you personally.Does your ISP block viruses I would seek their help

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It sounds like he has a trojan.  Run hijackthis and cut and paste the results into a post. 

Some trojans (Downloader variants as an example), even if you fully clean the machine, will reappear on reboot.  Some virus files hide in the recycle bin, some within your system restore files, just to name a few.  They "sort of" self replicate in your machine.  If you have multiple users on the XP machine, be sure that your anti-virus is testing all of the profiles (some may not). 

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