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How I networked DW6000 with H/W Firewall and Access Point


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I thought I would show the settings I have used that work great for me. I wanted to have a Hardware Firewall like I use at home. Just my preference to firewall with hardware. The DW system is at a second place we are at 3 days a week (getaway). Hope to retire there some day. I also wanted to have an access point so we can use the laptop wireless, as well as let a neighbor have access when she does email. So this is what I have:

Plug your PC into the Firewall only, don't have anything else connected.

Set these with your PC plugged into one of the LAN ports on the Firewall with a standard straight-through cat5 cable..

Netgear FR114P Firewall / Print Server.

Basic settings menu.

Internet IP address setup.

Static IP of

Subnet mask of

Gateway IP of

DNS Address heading

checkmark - Use these DNS Servers

LAN IP address setup.

IP address of

Subnet mask of

checkmark - Use Router as DHCP Server

Starting address of

Ending address of

Save these settings. Then plug the DW6000 into the Firewall WAN port using the cable that was previously used to connect the DW6000 to your computer. It is the cable that came with the DW6000. The "uplink" switch on the Firewall should be set at the "normal" position.

Power cycle the Firewall and It should then alow you access from the PC to the DW6000.

Netgear WG602 wireless access point

You will need to setup the access point without it connected to the firewall, so either use a wireless computer to access it stand-alone, or plug your computer directly to the access point.

Basic settings menu

Internet IP address

checkmark - Get dynamically from ISP


checkmark - Get automatically from ISP

WAN Setup menu

checkmark - Get automatically from ISP

LAN Setup menu

IP address set to

Subnet mask set at

Chechmark - Use Router as DHCP Server

Starting address of

Ending address of

Save the settings and log out.

Then plug your PC back into the Firewall LAN port, and also plug the Access Point into a firewall LAN port, from the Access Point WAN port. Standard cat5 cable.

Power cycle everything and you are good to go. Really works well. I know there are MANY other ways that you could do this, but this worked for me and I have no problems at all. I do limit the Access Point to only accept connections from the MAC address of the laptop, so the whole river can't use my connection.

Thanks for listening.

Jim P

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