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Elusive disconnection issue with Verizon Online DSL service


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I've been hammering at this issue for almost five months now.  I am subscribed to the 3/768 package with Verizon Online DSL.  I get very good results from the up and down testmy.net tool..  The problem I am having is the supplied Westell 2200 modem is dropping its connection to the Internet, but only for a few of seconds, and then reconnects as if nothing happened.  This interruption in service will happen three or more times in any given hour, for a few hours, randomly but quite frequently every day.  Reseting the modem does not clear it up.  Reseting my Linksys router does not help.  I've called Verizon Tech support numours times about this but they have been all but useless with troubleshooting the issue.  I've begged and pleaded to get a service call to come out to my house and physically inspect the phone lines but all they do is run their line tests and say the "connection is good and a onsite visit is not necessary.".  I've tried to explain that their line tests will not catch this problem.  I've tried to connect directly to the Westell with my PC but I can't access the configuration page with my browser, and Verizon tech support refuses to divulge the information needed for accessing the modem.  During one call, the tech said the Field engineers suggested a downgrade in sevice to the 1/512 package which is unacceptable. ( I'll go back to Cox Commo before that!)  The thought behind that suggestion was that the modem can handle the data when it is coming in, but when it sends out it crashes, thus interrupting the flow of traffic.  This makes it sound like a hardware issue, right?  I tried updating the firmware for the modem, but again, Verizon refuses to divulge the needed encryption keys that the Update Tool asks for when it tries to write to the modem.  My apologies for the long-winded post, but I am detailed and meticulous desktop support technician during the day and documenting all facts and chain of events of an issue is a force of habit.  I will welcome any and all feedback from anyone if they think they can help.  This ia very informative site BTW.  I've learned many  new things the few days I've been pouring over the forum.

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I think I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been having this problem for several months now even since I upgraded to the 3/768 package.Before this I actually had to have a Verizon tech come out the house and install a splitter in the NID because I was having connectivity issues.This signal would drop out whenever I picked up the phone even though all in-line splitters were installed properly.Anyway I have doing a lot of research trying to find out why the modem disconnects randomly.I checked the logs by first opening a browser and typing in "dslrouter" (no quotes).I have the Westell 327W.It's a black wireless modem/router.I'm not sure if that will work if you have another model.Look under the troubleshooting menu in the diagnostic log section.You may have to type in your router password.It will have a drop-down to select a log.Select all logs from the drop-down.Now here's what my log says:

---------------------------------BEGIN LOG TEXT------------------------------------------

MON APR 18 15:41:02 2005

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Hi akira1313,

I've been having identical issues with my Verizon DSL here in Northern VA - same log file entires and everything. I know it's been quite a while since you wrote this post, but I wanted ot ask anyway - did replacing the DSL modem ultimately fix the issue? Did you ever get consistent and reliable DSL service from Verizon?

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Yes, this was an old issue I was dealing with almost 2 years ago back when I was living in another county and Verizon was my ISP.  I had to be persistent with Verizon's tech support team to get them to realize the DC issues were not being caused by their modem (they did send me a replacement modem but the disconnects were still occuring) or any of my equipment.  I had to cover all the network troubleshooting procedures I could possibly do on my end, but I was finally able to convince the support technician that the problem was definitely originating on their end.  After a couple more weeks (and playing a few rounds of phone tag), a Verizon Support technician reported back to me that they were able to trace it to a wiring issue or a hardware issue involving their equipment so they replaced both components.  Whatever repairs the technician had to do at the substation, it seemed to have resolved my DC issues almost immediately, and I never had an issue since. 

I would advise you to continue to work with their tech support till they are able to resolve your issue.  It can get a little frustrating and repetitive having to explain your issue to a different support tech each time you call to report the same issue, but eventually the number of calls from you should spark them to fully investigate what is causing your disconnects.  Good luck!

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