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i noticed around here there was a question about VZ FiOS becoming DHCP.

Well I'm here to answer that as best I can..

As of right now It's PPPoE BUT thats not all it's OPEN PPPoE.

Now im not going to explain OPEN PPPoE here. Anyone else can feel free to explain it for me. As i have my own reason's.

Now the "expected rollout of DHCP is June-July for all new installs. Expected DHCP conversion is end of ''05 all old customer's expect letter's either by email or snail mail directing you to a webpage to download a piece of software that will upgrade your D-Link router to the DHCP setting.

Although I assume that if you dont have the provided D-Link router you will be given instructions on what to do. 

(Like you people really need to be told how.)

This change will effectively allow VZ to not HAVE to provide a router. Although they most likely will. Provided at a fee of course.

Hope this info was helpful in any way. Any more info i come across that wont put my job in jeopardy i will let you all know. as this isn't unknown as most of you have heard rumors. BUT worse comes to worse you didn't hear it from me lol  ;)



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i believe in some areas it does work although i havent had a chance to test sine A) i dont have FiOS yet and B) havent had a customer who has tried DHCP.

feel free to test it if anyone can and post about it here.

by no means am i GUARANTEEING anything, as VZ can change their minds at anytime and be slow on this process but this is what i have heard so far.

jus figured i'd let you guys know.

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my advice would be to start checking late june-july late july as they may be just implementing is some smaller cities and then to new customers.

:D i'll keep ya posted. Now OFF TO WORK! WOOOO! hehe i love my job!

so rare for people to say that.

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...wait so you dont have FiOS but you have a D-link router and DHCP...works for you?

well of course it would if your provider allows it and its an option on your network.

im talking about FiOS if your saying that you DONT have FiOS and it works for you then great what i want to know is if it works NOW with people who HAVE FiOS.

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Yes the DLink supports DHCP to the WAN.  For you, are you saying that you are connecting the DLink to FIOS (WAN as DHCP)?  Or do you mean your internal LAN is DHCP (meaning your computers behind the router automatically get a 192.168.0.x IP).  What TM is talking about is implementing DHCP on the WAN..  When you log into your router, and if you click on WAN, what does it say as the connection type?  Thanks.

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