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switch vs router


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what is the difference, can i use a switch instead of a router to run my pc and my playstation2???? or does the switch need a router to supply the connection... if i can use this would it be a better idea or will it make no difference, i want the best possible connection to my ps2, im not too worried about the pc speeds are ok there but i lag alot on my ps2, especially socom2.... the cable guy came today and said the signal to my modem was at -15.5 db. which is just out of their limits.... he did a few things not sure what and got the signal to -9.5. which is better i guess.... but now my dl speeds are still crappy. pay for 6mb dl, and get 1.5 mb if im lucky... awesome huh for 79 dollars amonth lol... any input is greatly appreciated.

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so would it be a good idea to run this for my ps2 or do you think it will not help any? also if it has no firewall then i wont have to worry about port openning for games and such right, everything should be compatable, i will still be able to use my pc and ps2 at the same time? thanx for the help so far.

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