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A few tips for new Comcast users

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Here are some tips to maximize the use of your connection. I made this post with new users in mind but, It can help anyone. I have also included ways to contact Comcast support.

New forum members, please read these threads first:

You should read this post first: [url="https://testmy.net/forum/t-2097"][STICKY] Before you post your problems read this![/url] This thread is a
 great place to start. 

You should also read this post:[url="https://testmy.net/forum/t-3924"][TIPS] This may help with some speed issues.[/url]

VanBuren TestMy.net Cablenut settings: [url="https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=1013.0"]https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=1013.0[/url]


If you want to know what your IP address is, go to


Comcast currently has three speed tiers. They are 6Mb/384Kb and 8Mb/768Kb The second tier is $10.00 extra a month. Comcast also offers a 4Mb/384Kb plan, but you can only subcribe to it if you do not have cable TV. See aditional posts below for more info.

For a list of Comcast approved modems, Click here.

The Comcast HSI home page is: http://www.comcast.net

The Comcast Support page is:http://www.comcast.net/help/?CM.src=helpcomcast

Comcast's main phone number is 1-888-COMCAST (1-888-266-2278)

Comcast has live online support via chat at http://www.comcastsupport.com/sdcxuser/lachat/user/userchatstart.asp

The Comcast Mail server settings are as follows:

Outgoing mail (SMTP): smtp.comcast.net

Incoming mail (POP3): mail.comcast.net

If you need help setting up Comcast in your mail client read <a href="http://www.comcast.net/help/faq/index.jsp?cat=Email"> this FAQ</a>

You can have up to 7 e-mail addresses on your account.

To add a second, third, etc. address., Go to https://acctmgt.comcast.net/Comcast/AcctMgt/acctmgt.cmd

Comcast has online support forums at http://forums.comcast.net You will need to be signed in to access the forums. Your log-in ID is the same as the first part of your e-mail address. The part before @comcast.net

If you are having speed problems, first reboot your modem, computer and router if you have one. You may also want to check the Comcast Network Health page. Any known issues within the Comcast network in your area will be listed on that page.

Note: I do not work for Comcast.

<edit: added Comcast Workplace info.>

Edit: speed upgrades noted. Effective as of Summer 2005.

Edit: added link to a list of Comcast authorized modems.

Edit: moved some info to other posts.

Edit: Html

Edit: Network health page

Edit: Why does this topic unlock sometimes?

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The only thing i can add to your list Netmasta,

is that if you get a SELF install kit, using the cd even for ethernet will be REQUIRED!!

there is a way around this, if u don't want all that JUNK installed..

or if you're paranoid like me...

contact tech, tell them the cd is stuck in a "loop" and u cannot use it to install,

and that you are using ETHERNET, they should ask you for your modems mac address, which is on a sticker on the modem, and then wallah your online without the registration cd, and the somethingware that the cd installs...

self install kit is the way to go, no reason for a tech to come, plug in modem, plug in ethernet, release renew ip, u should be on,

if u don't want to install comcasts software and browser hijack,

then contact tech as i have suggested.

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This post may help explain Comcast's bandwiths usage policies

I got this from the Comcast forums. It's from four messages posted by a Comcast tech in the topic linked below.:


Posts: 3,241   From: [email protected]


Comcast monitors the network in your area and if there is an exuberant amount of bandwidth being consumed on your node, Comcast will pick out the bandwidth hogs on that node and warn them to decrease their usage or sign up for a higher tier of service.

So basically, there is not a limit on how much bandwidth you are allowed to use and we recommend that you use the Internet for what you want without worrying about bandwidth restrictions. If your usage is found to be excessive and degrades others connected to your node, you will be given a warning first and then asked to reduce the usage within the next 30 day cycle. If usage is decreased to a nominal level, no further action is taken against the customer. But if the excessive use is continued, the account may be suspended for a few months.

Hope this answers the question but please post back if you have any additional questions.

Posts: 3,241   From: [email protected]

  Registered: 2/17/04

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If you are an HSI-only customer, the service/price chart remains the same.

If you subscribe to Comcast Digital Phone or Comcast Digital Voice and HSI, the service/price chart remains the same.

But if you subscribe to any Comcast Cable TV service, you will automatically be upgraded to either the 6Mbps/384kbps (silver) or 8Mbps/768kbps (gold) tier of service.

These changes allow limited basic TV subscribers to to qualify for the speed upgrades at no additional charge.

Appologies for the earlier missed update to the above pricing structure. The HSI-only tiers above were former listed as follows:

As of August 19th, a change was made to the HSI-only prices which are now shown correctly in the first post of this thread:

4Mbps/384kbps - $57.95

6Mbps/384kbps - $59.95

8Mbps/768kbps - $67.95


e.g.: If you do not have cable TV, your speeds will not be upgraded for free. Notice that the 6Mb plan is only $2.00 more than the 4Mb plan.

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Since this question was asked in a previous thread, it may answer a few questions some of you may have regarding the business service tiers so below are the current and new speeds for the current workplace service tiers.

                  Current Speeds    New Speeds

Teleworker        5Mbps/512kbps      8Mbps/768kbps


Teleworker        6Mbps/768kbps      8Mbps/768kbps


Workplace        5Mbps/512kbps      6Mbps/768kbps


Workplace        7Mbps/768kbps      8Mbps/1Mbps


Please note that there will be some restructuring of the business class tiers so please check with the workplace website (http://work.comcast.net) for additional information once the speeds are fully launched nationwide by the end of summer.

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Just as a random note... I use comcast and when I was installing the internet using their CD, it was really really slow right afterwards. You can solve that easy by:

1.) Remove the comcast setup CD and shut down you're computer

2.) Shut down you're modem, router (if you have one), and any other external devices (VoIP, etc)

3.) Reboot you're modem first, then router, then any other exterial devices

4.) Enjoy surfing, ever since I've done that I've had little Comcast problems, other than router issues, explained below.

If you're one of those comcast junkies like me and have been using comcast for a while, you probably have an old modem like I did. This is terrible if you ever get a router, wireless or wired. When I got my router, it was totally incompatible with my modem and reduced my speeds to 2% of what they should've been. Usually it would be around 80% with the old router. I struggled with this for a while and finally I figured it out. the solution was to get a new modem. So I:

1.)Went to the comcast center (I'm not sure where it was, call them for the one nearest to you, phone # on you're bill)

2.)Got a new modem.

3.)Shut down my network.

4.)Replaced my modem

5.)Reboot modem, router, etc, etc.

6.)Very happy surfing.

Though my speeds aren't godly like the guru's here, I'm pretty happy :o just look below, I'm even on wireless.

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i too have a wireless laptop and did a few speedtests on here, I guess I should be happy but i seem to constantly have problens off and on with comcast-service interruptions, slow service, broken voices on the VIOP-here is a snapshot of one, really amazed at how fast this is on wireless-13 meg download and almost 2 meg upload, wireless

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