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FiOS newbie question


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Hi, I just ordered Verizon FiOS, in the North Bergan - NJ, area, and I'm just wondering what I should prepare for before Verizon tech arrives. I'm just clueless as to what I should tell them. I need to prepare a location for them to install the ONT, which must be outside/in the garage near a power outlet?

They then wire that through the walls up to the attic and then drop the line wherever I want a Cat5 outlet to be in my house? Then from there, do they hook up their router to it and then to a computer, and then software is installed onto the computer to program the router?

Now I have a wireless router (Linksys WRT54g, and I want to use that, but I ordered the free router from verizon. Is this okay?) Also, I want to place the wireless router, more or less in the center of my house - but there is no computer there. There's one about 10 feet away, against a side of the wall... can I ask them to install the outlet to the center of my house, and then just have a wire run from the computer to the router, install the router than take out the wire and just leave the wireless router sitting on the floor without a computer?

Thanks for any help.

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Hey LoJT...

Welcome to the forum...  you WILL enjoy FIOS!!  What package did you get??

OK... to answer a few of your questions... the ONT will go on the outside of your house.  They will

install the battery backup in your garage... so there needs to be a power outlet close.  The will drill

the battery backup connection through the wall from the ONT to the Battery Backup device.

Whey they did mine I had already run the cable... mainly because I wanted Cat. 6.  I would make sure

you have a good ideal of where you want them to run the cable... they are there to help you... but also,

they do not have all day.  On the router... it will depend on the installer.  I have read some posts where

the installers didn't care what router was used... but most of them... require the initial connection to be

through the Verizon supplied router... you can always change it when they leave.

Hope this helps... Enjoy... Enjoy

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I see... So I should plan out the wiring from the ONT to where I want the Cat5 Outlet? Will they do the actual wiring for me, aka going into the attic, dropping the wiring down, installing the outlet?

*Btw, I ordered the 15/2mbps. I'm so excited. I'm only getting 6000kbps on OOL. About how much faster will it be if I do acheive the maximum 15mbps download speed?

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Yes, they run the wire and outlet from the ONT to your PC.  AND... they do an excellent job.

I have only heard of rave reviews on their installations.  Like I said... it is a good ideal to have

an ideal of where you want things.  Now on the ONT... they will install it next to your existing

phone box on the side of your house.

Good luck... please let us know how the install goes... and what you think of the service.



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