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router to router


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You can hook it up, but just make sure your cables are good so you're not risking losing signal.  Sometimes people will hook up another router in a network that is really spread out, as in one that has lots of cable running, because a router will boost the strength that it receives.  The only trouble is that you are complicating your network and it makes it harder to troubleshoot it something goes wrong.  But in short: yes you can hook it up that way.

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i have a linksys cable modem and a linksys wireless router. and i have a gateway wireless router also. can two routers be hooked up together?

example: cable modem to router (1st) to router (2nd)?

Sure, I have the same set up here. Unless you want double NAT for some strange reason. :roll:  Just decide which ONE of the routers you want to handle the Routing/Nat, Local DHCP, ETC chores and disable the the same in the other.  Hookup would be, Modem WAN output to the WAN port of the controlling router.  Local switched LAN port of the controlling router to a LAN port of the disabled router. It's now just a switch and Wireless AP.  Sure works great for me turning a $19.95  "Sunday Ad" special wireless router into the same thing as a $89 dedicated wireless AP.  ;)  The remaining three switched ports are handy too  :D HTH
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