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Why My Dial-up ISP Doesn't Allow Ping


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Hey all below is the awnser from my ISP on why my ISP doesn't allow ping for dial-up accounts.I would like some opinions on the awnser especially if you know if this is correct.But even if you don't .The ISP is nts-online.net

This is their response to the question.

Pinging is disabled on our Dial-up servers, due to the fact that carefully controlled and orchestrated pinging is the leading cause of a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, which causes our entire dial-up service to go down, taking all our dial-up customers with it. We feel like this is too much to risk, to allow those few people who actually do any pinging access to this.

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It sounds like to me that they think pinging is only used for malicious purposes. Either that or they're being over protective of their network. I don't see how 1 person pinging a site could bring it down.

Thats my opinion too I really think they don't want complaints about latency.And why should their security be so low that their

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It's BS really. Normal ping commands have no impact on the network. You could of course set packet size to 64k and add the -t switch, but on dial-up that's even more BS than on cable/dsl, since it takes a while to send a single packet then. Dial-up just isn't made for DoS.

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