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Ambit Cable Modems

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Around my area and probly others, you see commercials for Charter High Speed Internet and the people are using a flat, grey modem. These modems are made by Ambit. I have had both models that Charter has provided to thier customers. The first model that is now no longer made and sucked. I would test as getting the speeds I was suppose to, but it would not transmit between the PC and cable modem like it should. I told Charter about this problem and they said that it was nothing. I kept asking for a SurfBoard Modem but they no longer carried them in my area, but my cousin got one in his area(trust me, should all be one area since Charter has a monopoly on the St, Louis area for cable providers but it isnt). I had to return two of these. I did purchase the modem from Charter. On my second return of that modem, I got the new model from Ambit. It is actually decent and gives me what I should get in my bedroom and has even greater speeds in my computer room(the one that is a dedicated line for internet). If only I would connect to the server that I am supposed to I would get unbelievable speeds. See the server is just up the road from where I live. I did connect to this on my old modem with all the problems but now I connect to the server in St. Louis. I like this newer Ambit and recommend it because other wise your MAC might be an unautherised one. Found that out when I put a Linksys one on it and returned the second one of the old Ambit,

Well here are the Specs of this modem I currently have.

Part Number: U10C018

Until I get the specs to work for easy viewing, they can be found in the U10C018 Datasheet

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Guest philp

On my second return of that modem, I got the new model from Ambit. It is actually decent and gives me what I should get in my bedroom

:shock:  :shock:  :shock:

I have the same modem and it doesn't give me anything in the bedroom!!

Seriously, it replaced a Toshiba PCX2000 last month and has worked very well for me. At least as far as internet connections go.  ;)

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i have the same looking one as the 1st post except mine is u10c018.10 & also has a date on the box of 3-2-05

would that be the date of the latest firmware?? & how do i go about updating the firmware when it is connected

via ethernet & winxp

As far as I understand, you cannot update the firmware on these. You have to be one of those special people that get access  to special areas on thier website.  You can access the modem remotely though. There are two different default log-ins for these modems.  They are listed as follows(the first one is the most common one, but it lists the default on the log-in page on the modems):

User: user

Pass: user

User: root

Pass: root

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