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Will my CO distance get me the 3.0 download speed?


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According to the DSL Reports CO tester, I'm 6420 feet from the CO. Verizon says that won't get me 3.0 right now. From your experience is this legit?

Any sugestions to speed up my connection, in hardware, software...


There is only one distance data base that counts in determining your speed with Verizon. That data base is... Verizon's  :lol:

No online distance data base / calculator or anything else counts with them. The Verizon data base is what they use. Period.

Sometimes they can be talked into doing a MLT (Mechanized loop test) to double check their numbers. But my understanding is it's like pulling teeth to get them to do one. Call several times to double check  your availability for 3m, but after a few tries it maybe hopeless. Goodluck, hope it works out for you.

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I thought the cutoff for the 3/768 was  9000FT? I could be wrong though. But yes Mactron is absolutely right, there will not go by anything other than what their database says, and since i just recently moved... they still have my old address wich is too far away for DSL, but in my new house I could throw a brick into the wall off the CO from my backyard...

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