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anyone know how to tell what satellite (direcway) your on?


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A few days ago I changed over to the small biz account, so I thought I would check my FAP Cap to see how I was doing........and to see how close FAPMON was to being an accurate monitor.  I went to log on and (big surprise) my account was reported as disabled!

NOT GOOD!  I called the small biz support line, got someone with about a 30 second wait, much better service than the residential accounts!  Anyway I told the tech about changing over a few days ago and wondered if there was a problem......he tried to log on with my name and password and got a message that said system will be down for upgrades until Tuesday!!  TOO BAD THEY DIDN'T SEND E-MAIL NOTICES OUT OR POST A MESSAGE ON THE LOG IN PAGE SO THE CUSTOMERS KNOW WHAT'S UP!!

The tech said he needed to access the same webpage as I did to see how I was doing with my FAP Cap......but he did confirm that I was indeed changed over to the small biz account......then he said he could tell because they changed satellites......finally getting to the point here......

How can you tell what satellite your on? My frequency has definitely changed!


Buzz ;)

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I recently changed from a consumer account to the consumer pro. When you change transponders, you also get a new site ID and you have to reregister your MyDirecway and your E-mail accounts. I have found that you can reuse the same names that you were using before......

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