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Service Was Suspend Gotta Question


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Ok I know its wrong but i was downloading a torrent file Duke of Hazard movie of all ungodly things and they killed my service. At first the told me it was a virus and I had to reformat my hdd witch I couldnt find a virus but did it anywayz. 2 Service reps told me this. Then today I finally got the truth from someone. He told me it was due to me downloading Dukes of Hazrd witch I never finished D/L. They found it on an open port scan. I was running Azurues. My question is how do they find this out actually? He told me that someone reported me for downloading it. Is it like the MPAA or someone scanning my ports? Has this happened to anyone else? Ive usally dl from communitys but i just grabbed this off torrentspy site was it bugged somehow?

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No more torrentspy for me. Ill stick to the places i know. And give up movies for now too. How exactly do they get you thought? Do they get you for downloading or sharing or both? How do they actually tell? As for the piratebay not a big fan of there site as much anymore i got some communitys i get stuff from but a friend wanted to see Dukes again since he saw it at the movies and they didnt have it so I went to Torrentspy and as luck would have it I get caught. Damn you Torrentspy. But its just as much my fault. For the guy who got his cut off 2 times did they tell you why at first or tell you that you had a virus because thats what they told me 2 times.

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