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The 10 most likely ports that an intrusion will happen to!!


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:) I just read this and I was a little surprised because I would not have guessed some of these were the most popular for an attacker to scan to try and breach your security......I sure would have thought port 80 was in top 10 but it wasnt...............so here they are......maybe these are the easiest ones to get into?

ISC Top 10 Scanned Ports

135 epmap

1434 ms-sql-m

137 netbios-ns

8000 irdmi

554 rtsp

445 microsoft-ds

9898 dabber

5554 sasser-ftp

1433 ms-sql-s

6112 dtspc

8) Microwave

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Here's a link to the actual report published By SANS http://isc.sans.org/top10.php

They have an explanation for why each port is listed.


Kool thank you I hate to read something and they don't finish the story,nice link answered my questions .......now if I only knew were the light went when it goes out.....lol

8) Microwave

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