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Maybe!  This is a long story.  I live in a small town so the cable company probably doesn't have the best equipment so I took things into my own hands.  My cable company supplied an Arris modem.  For about 10 months it worked flawlessly, then around the beginning of July it would lose power (not signal) as the transformer (plug) would get hot.  The new cable company replaced it with a Motorola SB5100 and I immediately began to lose connection.  I ran knew RG6 Quad Shielded cable but still had some problems.  I researched and discovered I could view my modem signal levels (All modems should be:  Noise to signal ratio above 30, downstream level (from the ISP) -15 to+15 and upstream levels (from your modem) below 55.  My modems upstream level was going up to 58 because it was compensating for a weak signal.  I purchased an active return amplifier (I've included a link so you can learn about them, but bid on one, don't buy one for $59!).  With it you get a really strong downstream level (any two way amp would work I suppose).  However, then when it started to get cooler it was sending levels above +15 so now I've had to attenuate the signal ($10 adjustable at Radio Shack).  Oddly though, some Saturday and Sunday afternoons the up level will still hit 58 if I don't boost down level above 15.  This only occurs for short periods and I never lose connections.  Hope you understood all of this and good luck!

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