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DsL to become a reality


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dsl is great in one way, lets you use existing potus lines to deploy broadband by modulating a high freq signal onto them. the problem lies in the range restriction imposed by the same wires. the cheap low quality conductors can carry the signal only so far, it degrades rapidly. so the farther you are from your telco's switch, the lower your maximum speed you can get. as for outages, you need to ask people in your area how their experience with it is, if your telco is running the dsl, expect about the same service quality. if it's a third party you have no way of prediciting other than polling other customers.

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i never have any problems at all and my ping times are very good along with low hop counts too i also have very consistint speeds and never goes out but i'm about 5,600 feet. if you too far you wont get the best speeds and it will have higher pings but that depends on the line too. 

look here


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dsl is pretty good, hardly any outages... the only bad thing is, sometimes i get static in my phone line from a wireless phone, so i switched to a wired one and everythings fine...i have been outage free for about 4 months now...but dsl gets pretty slow speeds compared to cable anyways... :(

none of them are better than each other its all where you live and that depends on the service. EX-- optimum online is 1000 up 10000  down and in some places in the middle of no where you can get that speed but come to my town and get optimum online and you wont even get 5000 down and 700 up and high pings

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