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hotmail account sign up problem..getting frustrated,.. need help..


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From yesterday i am having a problem in signing up in my hotmail account.

Everytime i put my login name and password it aks me to put some charaters in the text box and even if i put in correctly, it still doesnot allow me to go inside my mail box and am unable to read any of my messages..

This is very frustrating.. did anyone experience this before?

i ecen chnaged the password but still no success..

can anyone help me to open my current account? please.

Thanks in advance

phantom  :(

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Try clearing your browser cache and the temp files.. if that doesnt work then try opening the page in a different browser.. some time little querks through browsers and servers in to panic mode.. and that sounds like this is happening to you..

Exactly, and if you're using Firefox, try using IE instead.  If all else fails, GET GMAIL!!

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